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<div style='width:95%;text-align:left;padding-left:15px;'><span style='font-size:30px; line-height:40px;'>Residential & Commerial</span><br><br>Our experienced team can easily managed the development of  Residential & Commercial building like CGHS,Mall,Multiplex,shopping complex,Office Buildings etc.</div> <div style='width:95%;text-align:left;padding-left:15px;'><span style='font-size:30px; line-height:40px;'>Corporate Office</span><br><br>We have expertise in doing corporate offices interior and furniture works.</div> <div style='width:95%;text-align:left;padding-left:15px;'><span style='font-size:30px; line-height:40px;'>Exterior & Interior Execution</span><br><br>M.K Interiors do the construction & interior work for Residential projects for so many years.</div> <div style='width:95%;text-align:left;padding-left:15px;'><span style='font-size:30px; line-height:40px;'>M.K. Interiors</span><br><br>At MK Interiors we offer a complete interior execution</div>

     Machinary & Plant >>  
MK Interiors have 30000 SQFT plant for furniture manufacturing work including a huge range of advance / automatic  machinery for all type of furniture  work, like carving work, inlay work, moulding , cornice etc.
Thicknesses -                         1 (SCM Italy-Make)
Band Saw -                            1 (Jai Indian-Make)
Vacuum Press -                      1 (Nihar Indian-Make)
Paint Booth -                         1 (SprayTech Indian -Make)
Paint Dryer -                          1 (SprayTech Indian-Make)
Post-forming Machine -         1 (SCM Italy-Make)
Centralized Duct Collector -   1 (Amsum Indian-Make)
DG -                                     1 (Kirlosker Indian -Make)
Impact Drill -                        20 (Bosch -Make)
Drill -                                   20 (Bosch-Make)
Hammer Machine -                30 (Bosch - Make)
Vacuum Cleaner -                  10 (Bosch - Make)
Circular Saw -                       40 (Bosch -Make)
Sander Machine -                  35 (Bosch-Make)
Jigsaw Machine -                  10 (Bosch-Make)
Servo Transformer -               2 (Marco-Make)
Hotpress Machince -      1 (Biesse Italy- Make)                   
Panel Saw -                  1 (SCM Italy- Make)
CNC Router -               1 (Biesse Italy- Make)
Through feed -              1 (Homag Italy -Make)
Multiboring -                1 (Biesse Italy- Make)
Tononer -                      1 (SCM Italy - Make)
Mortiser -                     1 (SCM Italy-Make)
Mortiser Chisel -           1 (SCM Italy-Make)
Spindle Molder -           1 (SCM Italy-Make)
Compressor -                1 (ELGI Indian - Make)
Air Dryer -                    1 (ELGI Indian - Make)
Planer -                         1 (SCM Italy-Make)
Miter Saw -                    8 (Bosch -Make)
Table Cutter Machine -   2 (Jai Indian-Make)
Mini Grinder -               20 (Bosch-Make)
Buffering Machine -        10 (Bosch-Make)

MK Interior's have 50 different-different type of machines for
site work. We use fully automatic machinery at our site. Our all employee have a knowledge about the operating.

Concrete Mix Machine        - 4 (Indian-Make)
Power floater Machine        - 2 (Swiss Indian-Make)
Power Trowel Machine       - 2 (Swiss Indian-Make)
Vacuum Dewatering Pump  - 2 (Swiss Indian-Make)
Concrete Leveling Machine - 1 (Swiss Indian-Make)
Demolition Hammer           - 10 (Bosch-Make)
Rotary Hammer                  - 20 (Bosch-Make)
Earth Compactor                 - 2  (Swiss Iindian-Make)
Stone Cutting machine         - 8 (Bosch - Make)
Stone Polish machine           - 5 (Bosch - Make)
Polish Buffering Machine     - 5 (Bosch - Make)
Hettichblue Max machine     - 2 (Bosch - Make)

Innovation & Creativity
Our services are appreciated for they are full of creativity, innovation without compromising on functionality & quality. We undertake architectural & interior execution projects.
Management Experience
Mr. Mukesh Sharma has one decade experience infurniture. Through his visual capabilities and knowledge of designing, the company has reached its highest and is still growing.
Customer Orientation
We are not interested in pushing the latest trend or fad just to make a statement about who we are. Rather, it's about you. We are committed to creating an environment which is a reflection of the desired mood that you would like us to achieve.
Our Reputation
We have gain lot of reputation by providing the highest quality execution services for residential, commercial, retail projects.


One of the Leading Public Listed Company in India, trusts us for continuously monitoring & managing their Security Incidents & Events. We enable them to detect, respond and prevent threats which has considerably enhanced their Security Posture while gaining operational visibility, investigative capabilities and achieve compliance necessary Regulations.

Global Presence  
Our experience in different types of interior execution for various domain like office,wirehouse,hotel, restaurants,food outlet,retail, residents etc

Experienced Team  
Creativity & Functionality in Interior, Architectural and Landscape execution, delivering cost-effective and time-bound projects to clients.
Multinational solutions  
We believe that it is our responsibility to give our customer the time to understand their needs and help them create a beautiful home or office.

Strong knowledge  
MK Interiors provides clients with a comprehensive and detailed execution service. We work with you as an individual, ensuring all the attention to de

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We are in the business of delivering value added, Interior and execution projects for the wide profile of Corporate, Commercial, Hospitality and Residential clients.