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It’s already back-to-school season and technology did not miss a beat. From applications targeting back-to-school shoppers, to innovations that capitalize on smart tablets in the classroom, technology is readily embracing the new school year.

Education Market Ripens For Technology Developers

Education technology is ripe for startups as classrooms integrate smart tablets, says the Chicago Tribune. Schools are racing to keep up and meet standards continually evolving with technology to bring new ideas to the education space. Innovators are finding opportunities to help bridge the gap between schools and companies developing technology.

New School Security Management System Scans Driver’s Licenses There’s a new school security system in Kansas that scans the driver’s license of every visitor, reports the Wichita Eagle. The school district plans to implement the new security system this year at all schools, scanning visitor’s driver’s licenses against a nationwide database of sex offenders. The Hall Pass visitor management system was tested at four southeast Wichita schools in May.

Education IT Talking Points

EdSurge reports on “How to Protect Student Data in Education,” covering a recent roundtable for individuals with a vested interest in the safe use of technology in schools an opportunity to address concerns.

Wired presents a global point of view with “Reimagining Education Through Technology.”

The Minnesapolis Star Tribune made the counterpoint that MOOCs may have limited value to higher education due to the absence of actual engagement. Most MOOC students audit for no credit, most drop out and only a few percent receive a passing grade for credit. The conclusion being that if MOOCs do work, they will likely play a small but useful role in regular classrooms as an assignment.

Columbia Daily Tribune said that dozens of teachers attended an event that featured 65 education technology-training sessions. The event, “Technopalooza” was held at Battle High School and has doubled in size since last year.

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